Today I feel nothing can break my happiness. Finally the kitten arrives. La La La

Did you know?

I provide P random facts about cats every day until the day he submits and agrees to get a cat home. So today our conversation goes this way:

Me: Today's fact about cats for you. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
P: yea sure, for the cat right? cos it got a home

On that note, any tips on getting a cat-hater to agree to adopting a cat is welcome.

So fresh, So Clean

I have house rules, few actually. Some of it P gets, some he doesn't. Recently a very close friend came to stay with us. He was baffled when he heard of my rules and more shocked when I gently reprimanded him for skipping some. In fact some requests came from by Z. Z asked _ Uncle to please wipe his shoes on both the mats (I have one outside the door and one inside). To clarify, I am never rude about these rules. But I will not shy away from telling guests about it. And I am also not going to go behind them with a broom.

You may be curious about my rules, so few of them below for your reading:

* No outside footwear to be worn inside the house
* No stepping out into the garden barefoot. I have sufficient spare slippers kept outside for people to use. In the rare circumstance that there are more than 5 person wishing to step out into the garden, I suggest they carry their own footwear outside to the garden.
*No eating in the bedroom, unless of course the person is unwell
*No sitting…

Which Side are you on?*

I was a naïve first year student at Law school when I received a pamphlet about a human rights group started by young Lawyers and asking anyone interested to apply. I was 17, not yet disillusioned by the realities of the world and jumped at the opportunity. After all, a human rights group seems to be the right place for a principled teenager whose ambition was to bring about a change in the society. And so I became a part of the group slowly to realise it was a forum popularizing communism. Frankly I had no clue about any of these political system and my idea of communism was images of workers on strike or men wearing Jhola bags protesting outside corporates, thanks to my association with the Indian states, Kerala and Bengal. By the time I realised what I had got myself into, I had already made a close network of friends in this group and for us it was more of an excuse to hang around and drink milky sweet tea at 6:30 in the evening, attending meetings feeling important but understand…

Evan Ketta Enaku Ena

Given the consequence of non-obedience to global agreements will not affect the 70+ age group, should they be allowed to decide on behalf of a country?

Picture Source- BBC News

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I changed the theme of this blog few times now. Not exactly thrilled with this one, but it will do for now.

I am reading Julian Barnes's 'The Sense of an Ending' currently. To say I am enjoying it would be an understatement. It is beautifully written and touches you in a way that a conversation with an old friend would on a rainy day. The fact that the story is based in the places I have lived/ live makes it all the more special.

Had a long weekend break at the seaside in Skegness. Just the sea, greenery and sun. I still find it slightly ironic that a person from Chennai should enjoy the sun. But that is how life changes. Checking the Royal Purple for new leaves, seeing how far the honeysuckle has climbed up the trellis and the marigold for buds- all this brings me joy. Watching Z's trousers reach his ankle though breaks my heart, he is growing up too fast.